Implement decentralized future

Smart contracts development
Our professional team will evaluate your business case and come up with a best solution for it. We will help you design and develop smart contract, and after thorough testing we will launch it to reach your business goals.
Consulting in blockchain technology and Ethereum platform
Our company can help you find the ways of integrating blockchain or ethereum technology in your business to increase transparency, reduce security-related risks or test out new business models.
Prototyping and launching the DAO's
Our analytics team can help you with founding new DAO, writing whitepaper, making your company publicly tradable on blockchain by doing ICO (Initial Coin Offering).
Released Projects
Waves Presale Contract
We have developed contract that keeps tracked all ICO token sales in Ethereum contract
Presales Analytics Contract
We have designed and developed web analytics page that shows sales statistics during ICO of waves Platform
Checkin Cryptocurrency
We have prototyped and developed cryptocurrency with loyalty program features on the top of the Ethereum network
Cryptotrader Mobile
We have developed and maintained #1 iOS and Android app for watching cryptocurrencies rates charts in real time
Alexey Bashlykov
Co-Founder, Backend developer
Evgeny Yurtaev
Co-Founder, Ethereum developer
Vadim Koleoshkin
CBDO, Analyst

Our company has started to develop Dapps since 2014. In March of 2015 we have made first success story for our client. Starting from there we are providing consulting and development services for clients around the world.

Who we are
We're pioneers of the market of decentralized applications.

Our mission is to build the simplest and most powerful decentralized apps for companies around the world.

Our team is based in two cities — Moscow and London
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